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Mainly Gists, but also all documents that are more technical in nature and intended for insiders of the matter.

PHPStorm: Local Changelist in Git Tool disappeared

Problem: Local Change List under PHPStorm is missing in the Git Tool Solution: Every now and then I had the phenomenon that the Local Changelist (the files in my version control) were not visible as tabs in the Git Tool. Since I always search for ages, [...]Read

Variable not available in blade component

Problem: The parameter transfer of a blade attribute does not work, the variable in the component is empty. There is no error message, but the variable seems not to have been passed. Solution: Possibly the error lies in the use of an "underscore" in the variable name. [...]Read

WP CLI Error: Error establishing a database connection.

Appearance: Issue commands via WP CLI, but WordPress in the browser works. This error often occurs when the WP CL interpreter cannot correctly interpret the database connection in wp-config.php. Solution: In 99% of all cases, change the value of the constant DB_HOST from [...]Read

Convert Px to SEM / EM very quickly with Alfred

Auf dem Mac gibt es einen wunderbaren Alfred-Workflow, der Px in Rem umrechnet: Download Direktlink: Einfach installieren, dann CMD-Space: Alfred Bar „pxrem“ tippen und die Zahl in Pixel angeben. Die Umrechnung in REM wird direkt in die Zwischenablage kopiert. […]Read

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