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Locked mailbox metaphorical for locked email accounts

Messages to GMail not deliverable? A quick solution.

With error messages with the subject "Mail delivery failed: returning message to sender", the destination server of our mail informs us that it does not succeed in forwarding our message to the desired destination address. Very special error messages sometimes come from Google when sending to gmail addresses. Then it is not possible to send mails to gmail accounts without further ado. A little trick helps here. Read
Mainetcare logo as favicon on an Android screen

Use favicons correctly

Favicons are small graphics that serve to symbolise a website by displaying e.g. the company logo. Originally used for display in the header/tab area of the browser window or in bookmark and favourites lists (hence favicon), these icons now fulfil many other functions. We show you what they are and how to use them.Read
New bait on the hook: phishing mails with the mailbox full scam

Current phishing scam: Your email inbox is full

Recently, more and more phishing e-mails have been circulating, purporting to come from large Internet providers such as Strato or 1und1 and informing the addressee that his e-mail box is full. Of course, there is no lack of requests to log on to a linked website to solve the problem. If you don't do that, you'd better read this article.Read
Light bulb with Wordpress logo as a symbol for hopefully good Wordpress ideas

WordPress beginner tips

A few beginner tips for daily (or occasional) work with WordPress. No secret hacks, but the little settings that help especially with the first steps with WordPress, but are easy to overlook.Read
A clock. It could also measure website loading times.

Pagespeed and user-friendliness: Core Web Vitals as a ranking factor

Increasingly, so-called experience factors, i.e. user-friendliness parameters, are playing a decisive role in Google's ranking. In particular, the Core Web Vitals, a series of measured values for the loading time of websites, are being taken more into account. Thus, beyond the content of the respective homepage, another purely technical factor, the loading time, is moving into the centre of attention.Read
Finger caught in smartphone mousetrap

Caution: SMS parcel notification

A current security issue with high explosiveness are currently circulating SMS messages with alleged parcel notifications including links to - alleged - shipment tracking. Under no circumstances should these links, or links in SMS messages in general, be called up.Read
E-commerce in small retail could look like this: Fruit labelled with a QR code

E-commerce: Create a webshop

The ongoing Corona crisis is forcing many shops, especially smaller ones, to close their local shops for longer and longer periods. Online trade, however, is flourishing. In this situation, even small traders have the chance to trade successfully online with good ideas. With Wordpress and WooCommerce, it is also quite easy to get started.Read
Pagespeed: Fast pages are as important as ever

Pagespeed analysis made easy - measure the loading time of my homepage with one mouse click

Pagespeed, the loading time of a website, is a topic that is once again gaining importance in the development and operation of websites. Last but not least, Google, as probably the most important search engine provider, never tires of emphasising the importance of short loading times for the ranking. In order to be able to optimise the loading time, meaningful measurement methods are first necessary.Read
Fishing Mail: Envelope with (fishing) hook

Recognise phishing e-mails - avoid damage

Again, running a website is like running a garden: Not everything that grows and thrives there is useful and desirable. Extremely annoying and dangerous are, for example, phishing e-mails, which you - especially if you run a website - have certainly already received yourself. We show you how to recognise phishing e-mails as such and avoid falling into the spam trap.Read

Video conferencing simple and secure

Video conferencing is currently experiencing an unprecedented increase in popularity. People are working and learning from home, and so many are making their first forays into video-supported conversation in pairs or groups these days, pushed more or less by circumstances.Read

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