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Anecdotes and amusing facts from the web about the website. Also cool or not so cool websites.

Locked mailbox metaphorical for locked email accounts

Messages to GMail not deliverable? A quick solution.

With error messages with the subject "Mail delivery failed: returning message to sender", the destination server of our mail informs us that it does not succeed in forwarding our message to the desired destination address. Very special error messages sometimes come from Google when sending to gmail addresses. Then it is not possible to send mails to gmail accounts without further ado. A little trick helps here. Read
A dry tree in a barren landscape. It symbolises the importance of a climate-friendly co2 footprint.

The Co2 footprint of your website

Now I want my website to contribute to global warming - how? For example, if your website contains lots of moving graphics, then your web browser needs more computing power to render the animations. The more moving images, the more videos, the more power it consumes and this power has to be generated somewhere. Read

Video conferencing simple and secure

Video conferencing is currently experiencing an unprecedented increase in popularity. People are working and learning from home, and so many are making their first forays into video-supported conversation in pairs or groups these days, pushed more or less by circumstances.Read

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