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A clock. It could also measure website loading times.

Pagespeed and user-friendliness: Core Web Vitals as a ranking factor

Increasingly, so-called experience factors, i.e. user-friendliness parameters, are playing a decisive role in Google's ranking. In particular, the Core Web Vitals, a series of measured values for the loading time of websites, are being taken more into account. Thus, beyond the content of the respective homepage, another purely technical factor, the loading time, is moving into the centre of attention.Read
Pagespeed: Fast pages are as important as ever

Pagespeed analysis made easy - measure the loading time of my homepage with one mouse click

Pagespeed, the loading time of a website, is a topic that is once again gaining importance in the development and operation of websites. Last but not least, Google, as probably the most important search engine provider, never tires of emphasising the importance of short loading times for the ranking. In order to be able to optimise the loading time, meaningful measurement methods are first necessary.Read
Logo Wordpress with exclamation mark

Why WordPress as CMS?

WordPress is the most widely used CMS system in the world. There are thousands and thousands (no exaggeration) of papers on the internet dealing with the architecture and extensions of this system. Here are the advantages from the point of view of an SME or small organisation.Read

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