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SEO for businesses - why the investment pays off

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How important is SEO for businesses? Especially small or medium-sized companies with little marketing budget want clear answers here! Therefore, we have compiled the most important points for you to make a decision.

Advantages of SEO for businesses

- SEO is the most favourable online marketing measure in terms of cost-turnover ratio
- You sustainably improve the visibility of your website in search engines
- SEO measures make your homepage more reader-friendly and attractive for customers

You can find out how to achieve these successes with search engine optimisation here and in the summary at the end of the article.

SEO has the greatest cost-turnover benefit

Companies are interested in effective solutions at the best prices - so right up front: SEO is the cheapest online marketing tool there is. Why? With search engine optimisation, you don't pay a monthly advertising budget like with ads and can still attract customers in a targeted way. Once set up, the SEO measures run in the background of your website without incurring any further costs.

With online advertising like Google Ads, you pay for every click. Your ad is recognisably marked as an advertisement and you pay for it to be displayed to potential customers. SEO for businesses, however, works differently. Your website lands in the natural hit list. So it does not immediately stand out as an advertisement. And that is worth a lot. Studies show that the majority of internet users skip search engine advertising and click on the organic result much more often. And here, the first hits are the most popular. Studies show that hardly anyone clicks on page 2. Companies should therefore fight to be as high up as possible. This will bring many more visitors to the website. For companies, more traffic also means more potential sales.

Sustainably better visibility on Google & Co

SEO for companies is - especially for small and medium-sized companies - an investment that pays off. It is important to bear in mind: Search engine optimisation needs a certain lead time. Newly published websites often only achieve the desired SEO success after a few months. This is because SEO is a marketing measure that takes a relatively long time to take effect. Search engines like Google or Bing go through an extensive analysis process with every new website, which can take some time. If, in the end, the website is judged to be of high quality, it is thankfully placed high up in the hit list. (Read here why Google therefore favours old URLS and Change URLs risks). It is therefore important to know: Companies should have some patience.

But the good news is: once a website has achieved a good position, no one can drive it away any time soon. Search engines are pretty loyal friends! Once you have landed in the top 10, this position is relatively stable and cannot be disputed by just any foam-slinger.

SEO makes your website more attractive for customers

Improving a website from an SEO point of view basically means making it more customer-friendly. Search engines find a website of particularly high quality if it corresponds to what internet users want. Good search engine optimisation ensures that your readers find the content and the technical quality of your homepage great.

This includes, for example: offering a clear structure of the website that makes it immediately clear what it is about and where to find what; writing reader-friendly articles that correspond to the visitor's search expectations; providing helpful answers to searchers' questions and linking to further information; ensuring responsive design and fast loading times on mobile phones - so that users do not break off unnerved before they land on your site - or offering exciting multimedia content that invites the visitor to stay. If you spruce up your site like this through SEO, you will not only score points with Google, but also with your readers and increase your chances of visitors becoming loyal customers!

In a nutshell:

- SEO brings your website to good places in the natural hit list of search engines
- The majority of internet users only read p. 1 of the organic hits, landing here is the goal
- Your website better matches the search queries of your target group with SEO, which Google rewards
- SEO needs a certain lead time, but the success is sustainable
- Search engine optimisation improves the overall quality and reader-friendliness of your homepage: this ensures longer visit times, a better user experience and more potential sales

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