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Open your website to more visitors

Make your website multilingual

Perfect for SEO

What advantages does your homepage get with multilingualism?

Multilingualism is great investment for small website owners too. For example, think about job offers for restaurant operators or regional information for people who live in Germany but understand English more easily.

Not to forget: Multilingualism is an inexpensive investment for better findability in search engines. You multiply your content in one fell swoop and thus increase the probability of a good ranking.


How does it work?

With the help of artificial intelligence, it is no longer a Herculean task to display your web pages in multiple languages. Whereas a few years ago the results were rather a cause for comedy, automatic replacement now works surprisingly well.

SEO is also taken care of. The multilingual content is available under its own URL. An example: If you have the URL, the English translation for it is available under

We integrate the interfaces to digital translation engines such as DeepL for your website. All pages that you have already created are also automatically translated under the respective language.

We design the language selector for the design of your website and integrate it into your existing navigation - you can see an example here with us.

After the machine has done most of the work, humans should put the finishing touches on it. You will find an editor for each translation where you can directly adapt the content.

Prices for automated translation of your website

WordPress website

€ 420 that's it
  • Setting up the interfaces
  • Design and integration Language selector
  • Passage translations
  • Establishment Translation Editor
  • 1 year support

Other systems

on request it depends 🤷♂️
  • Why on request?
  • 1 year support
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