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For all those who love their website, but the work on it ... NOT!

The mascot Gerry the website gardener (illustration by Nils Kalk)

Let's be honest, that's why you're here

Why you need a website gardener

A website is a Fascinating toolIt can change the world or just bob along meaninglessly. It can bring you new customers or only cost money. It depends on your discipline and attitude, because a successful website requires continuous work and vigilance:

Google constantly wants new Lining; from the outside, warning organisations and hackers lurk for legal and technical errors; of course, everything should always look nice, from the small smartphone to the Giant screen. The speed must be right and the Accessibility should be guaranteed. Innovations mean that suddenly things no longer work as usual and as a delicacy you receive emails from your hosting provider with new, cryptic instructions.

The picture serves as a decorative element. Illustration of a pink flower that is afraid of a snail.

With the website gardeners from MaiNetCare you can give your online garden Helperwhich gives you the "all the technical stuff", maintain content, increase visibility, fight pests and take measures to adapt your website to current technologies.

What's more, isn't it fun to give a gardener to watch them at work?

Illustration Gerry the weaving gardener carries a huge basket full of fruit, a tomato falls out of the basket

Website guide

In our website guide you will find articles as well as tips and tricks for a flourishing website garden.

This guide is written especially for "non-specialists" who would still like to read some advice on online presence, search engine optimisation and innovations on the Internet.

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June 2025 it will be mandatory: the accessible website

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June 2025 marks an important turning point: from this date, accessibility for websites and apps will become legally binding under the Accessibility Improvement Act (BFSG). This is a decisive step towards ensuring that everyone, regardless of their physical abilities, can access all...

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The dark side of cheap hosting: when bad neighbours become a threat

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Cheap hosting harbours risks from "bad neighbours" who misuse the server's resources or pose security risks, which in turn can damage your website.

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The perfect landing page: Convince search engines and customers with these tips!

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The perfect landing page helps you to turn readers into new customers! Increase the success of your homepage with these tips...

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