The gardeners for your website

For all those who love their website,
but hate working on it.
The mascot Gerry the website gardener (illustration by Nils Kalk)

Welcome to MaiNetCare.

All the portraits of the MaiNetCare team square next to each other, including the MaiNetCare "No Bullshit" Dwarf - the website gardeners' mascot
Team MaiNetCare: Michael Mai, Manuela Nagel, Giulia Cappello, Tobias Rettstadt, Nana Nkrumah and the "No-Bullshit" dwarf (With best thanks to artist Niels Kalk)

Welcome to MaiNetCare.

Your website gardeners based in Berlin Moabit. Our clients are entrepreneurs, freelancers or organisations who don't have the time or inclination to deal with the complexity of their online presence. We take care of your good impression on the Internet. More from us...

Guaranteed human and without IT jargon!
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Free your head from the IT salad: website maintenance from Berlin

The MaiNetCare "No Bullshit" Dwarf - the website gardeners' mascot - looks serious with his arms folded in front of his chest.

Free your head from the IT salad:
Website maintenance from Berlin

If everything in your everyday life is once again more important than looking after your own website, it's time for us to get it back on track technically and in terms of content. Ab 60 EUR / month.

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Search engine optimisation

More visibility👀 on the internet

Do you want your website to be at the top? Content marketing and SEO in 2024 require discipline, but are fun and worthwhile: you will receive more interested parties in the long term and are independent of advertising competition. The sooner you start, the sooner you get results.

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Is your online presence a picture of misery?

Is your online presence
a picture of misery?

No need to worry - we'll make it beautiful again. And to make sure it doesn't go wild again, we pay particular attention to intuitive usability. Website creation or website facelift with satisfaction guaranteed. And with a garden gnome on request

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And why at all...

Perhaps you are wondering what garden and plants have to do with websites. Nothing really, but a lot nonetheless.

A watering can from which water flows - in the typical illustration style of Mainetcare.Here you will find the answers