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What we can do for your online presence:

Revision of your web pages / new creation

Our core business is websites. A website is the online marketing tool over which you have full control. We help you with the concept, find a solution that meets your requirements and programme the implementation. Everything does not always have to be done from scratch. Sometimes it is enough to improve a few details so that you can be found better or so that everything runs smoothly again. No matter what you have in mind: From consulting to conception, design to technology, we can help you. You can find more information here...

Regular website maintenance

Like a garden, a website needs regular maintenance. With a website, you don't have to weed, but even online there are sometimes annoying jobs to do.

On your websites, you should always check your content and fix mistakes that lead to a negative visitor experience or a poor ranking on Google. If you want to "reap", you must first learn to plant properly: new content must be coherent and convince both visitors and search engines.

There is nothing sadder than a dried-up website. Most of the time, there is simply not enough time in the day-to-day business. Here we are happy to help you. Either at short notice per order or as a flat rate. You don't need to sign a contract. Just get in touch with us...

Build it yourself including training

If you have an eye for design, precise ideas of how your website should work, then you could simply create your website yourself. Most of the time, the questions arise elsewhere: Where should I start and which tool should I use with all the incredible choice nowadays? What do I have to look out for in terms of technology? Where is the best place to reserve web space? How do I find a good hoster? Here we can help you. How about having someone from our team look over your shoulder and guide you through the process? Like a website mentor or a website gardener :-). We put your website together and get started right away...

If we have aroused your interest call us right away or write to us

And what does the fun cost?

This is similar to the question "How much does a house cost? The requirements for websites are as different as those for building a house. Therefore, we would like to give you a few general conditions to give you an idea:

With a new website project you receive a contract for work with a guaranteed fixed price. An individual, small website, which we build e.g. with WordPress and the Beaver Builder (approx. 5-10 pages), we charge approx. 3000,- EUR. If you add a new logo, programming that goes beyond the standard, image research, etc., you can expect between 5000 and 20,000 EUR. Is that beyond your budget? We can help you even with a mini-budget, because there are many possibilities.

Websites and technical maintenance can be booked either individually per order or as a monthly flat rate. An order costs from EUR 24 per quarter of an hour or part thereof. Of course, you will receive a cost estimate in advance. For recurring similar tasks (such as technical support), we recommend the significantly cheaper monthly flat rate or one of our care packages. Please contact us here as well. We assure you that we will advise you according to your actual needs.

The self-build webinar for your website is charged as an online webinar per time. Here too, we need your requirements in advance. If you want to set up a small website, for example, and things like photos, logos and texts are already available, we can assume one day's work. Afterwards, you can count on about half a day of training for the maintenance of the website. Then you can expect about 1,200 EUR (1.5 days).

All information is without guarantee and serves only as a guideline.


This is what you always get from us


  • The honourable businessman principle: the handshake counts.
  • A telephone number for emergencies.
  • Transparent and documented work steps.

We will be happy to call you back.

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