About MaiNetCare: Website maintenance from Berlin by the website gardeners

Why do website gardeners exist?

May I introduce myself? My name is Michael Mai and I am the Managing Director of MaiNetCare GmbH

Ever since I created my first website at Kiel University in 1997, I was fascinated by the concept of having my own website: All of a sudden it was possible to present your thoughts, your values, your humour and your quirks to the world. It was possible to link yourself further and thus increase your audience. Something like this simply didn't exist before: without publishers, distributors or music labels, access to a like-minded audience was previously blocked.

Reserving a domain and using it to connect with people all over the world was a new kind of freedom for me. It really is like a virtual piece of land that belongs to me and that I can cultivate and till. That's how the image of the "garden" came about.

Portrait of the managing director and founder of MaiNetCare GmbH: Michael Mai
The portrait is from 2016, the hair has thinned out again in the meantime...

The freedom of your own website

This Idea of freedom is still central to our work today. Despite "Web 3.0" and AI, the core is still the same: How do I manage to present myself authentically on a two-dimensional surface and at the same time find and address my audience?

In 2007 I decided to become self-employed and offer other companies the planning and web programming expertise I had gained in the meantime as "Mai-Internet - Einzelunternehmen".

In 2019, or many many websites later, I founded MaiNetCare GmbH and found a team that shares the same values. Since then, the "I" has become a "we".

Why does MaiNetCare exist?

In the name MaiNetCare, the idea of "care" is a central aspect of our work for websites. We want to be a link between the sometimes seemingly elitist IT world and the real world. 

Behind every website we create or maintain are people and their stories. Connecting with you is very important to us, so we try to make sure we understand each other. This means listening, being as precise as possible in your language, explaining IT terms and avoiding marketing platitudes.

Why "website gardener"?

We call ourselves the website gardeners because the garden provides a beautiful image from the real world for a website: Proper maintenance of a website encompasses technology, design and content and is a handcrafted, artful endeavour. A website is organic and grows through continuous maintenance. And just like in a garden, there is always something to do. The analogy ends with water: Pouring water on the keyboard doesn't bring growth, it brings trouble...

A blooming garden in front of the house - a symbol of how the homepage blossoms through website maintenance

The team

Michael May

Portrait of Michael Mai. He is the Managing Director and founder of MaiNetCare GmbH.

Michael May

My name is Michael Mai and I am the Managing Director of MaiNetCare GmbH, which we founded in 2019.

Ever since I created my first website at Kiel University in 1997, I have been fascinated by the "essence" of my own website and the idea of freedom that was associated with it then and now: my own website is my digital piece of land that I can design according to my own ideas and use to present my ideas, values, aesthetics or even quirkiness to an audience without a distributor in between to restrict me or hold my hand out.

For me, my own website is a fascinating mix of freedom, art, technical craftsmanship ... and a lot of psychology.

Manuela Nagel

Portrait of Manuela Nagel. She is a management assistant at MaiNetCare and works in project planning and website maintenance.

Manuela Nagel

Manuela Nagel was born in Berlin. She is responsible for website maintenance and, as an NLP coach, has a keen sense for the right questions in the planning phase of new website projects. She takes on many tasks in the area of website maintenance. In addition, she has often rescued our tax consultant from despair as assistant to the management.

Giulia Cappello

Portrait of Giulia Cappello from the MaiNetCare team. She is responsible for illustrations, branding and website maintenance, among other things.

Giulia Cappello

Giulia is a gifted illustrator from Arezzo, Italy. Her lovingly drawn illustrations have a special, individual charm that gives every website that certain something.

As a further focus, she designs your branding, your website or optimises it in terms of user guidance. You can find out more about Giulia Cappello on her website...

Tobias Rettstadt

Tobias Rettstadt

Tobias Rettstadt lives in Hanover. He is responsible for server administration and the security of the IT infrastructure. He plans and sets up the technical foundation so that your web application purrs like a kitten on the Internet.

We often bow our heads in awe, because there are very few people who really understand the inner workings and sometimes even the intrinsic life of machines.

Partner companies


The world of moving images is Kaiserbrand GbR's speciality. Lovingly designed animations, trailers including conception and dubbing are on the agenda. The dynamic duo from Berlin brings their website to life with custom-made animations. The new Lottiefile format for animated illustrations is perfect for working with our Page Builder.

Logo: IP-Projects


We trustingly place our data in the hands of the hosting experts at IP-Projects. Even the beautiful claim "Increasing success through good cooperation", which appears on the Homepage of IP-Projects summarises why we like this hosting provider so much. Of course, the technical data of the data centre in Frankfurt a.M. is also correct. Our web gardener Gerry has just dealt with IP projects in one of his contributions ...

Glei GmbH

Whenever we receive larger project requests that go beyond the "normal" website and where software has to be planned and developed that can manage enormous amounts of data, for example, or that requires special security concepts and technology, we work in association with the experts at the Company Glei from Hanover together.