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Do you like being on your own website?

With regularly maintained pages and up-to-date content, you show your visitors respect and convey the feeling of being welcome.

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No time for content maintenance?

Although it is important for your appearance on the web, everyday work makes it difficult to make time for content maintenance: You need to refresh the old content. You have to check whether all the links are still correct and - oh horror - incorporate the current GDPR regulations...

Photo of a pile of leaves with a garden rake symbolises no time for website maintenance

Do you want to deal with this?

Yesterday your website was still in full bloom and suddenly, out of the blue, something like...

  • ... the page is no longer encrypted.
  • ... the design is broken.
  • ... a white screen is displayed instead of your website.
  • ... Your website has been blocked by Google due to viruses.
Demonstrative image of a pest eating through a leaf. A warning message from Google about a hacked website can be seen in the background

We tackle website maintenance

How about a website gardener who regularly maintains your website? We know our trade and have been maintaining websites for over twenty years.
And like a real gardener, we are of course also on hand to advise you so that your website is green and blooming.

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Website maintenance with MaiNetCare

Transparent costs

Short-term editorial website assignments are carried out and invoiced in the same way as tradesmen - without a long contract commitment. Alternatively, we offer a monthly fee according to the agreed scope of services (more favourable for long-term cooperation)

Your garden is our garden

Website maintenance in good hands with MainetcareIf we have taken your website into our gardener's heart, then we will look after it as if it were our own - and we mean that in a positive way...

Including farmer rules

For us, good website maintenance also includes advice. This means that we don't implement everything robotically, but get in touch with you if, for example, we don't think it's a good idea to plant the flowers just before the frost. You know: in the figurative website maintenance sense.

Frequently asked questions about website maintenance

What does website maintenance cost?

We differentiate between content-related website maintenance and technical measures. Prices can be found in the detailed view of this FAQ. More...

Why do I need to update my website regularly?

Regular maintenance and care of your website is crucial to ensure security, compatibility and legal compliance and to maintain and increase the value of your online presence. More...

Do you also maintain the content of the website?

Naturally. We maintain the content of your WordPress, Contao or Statmic website. In addition to text and image editing, we carry out research and make your website texts more appealing. More...

How often should a website be maintained?

WordPress websites should be updated at least once a month. Statamic and Contao can wait a little... More...

What does a website maintenance package include?

Your website is continuously monitored, updated and secured to ensure operational readiness, security and performance, with major interventions carried out in consultation with you. In addition, regular backups and data protection-compliant visitor analyses are provided to optimise website functionality and efficiency. More...

What happens if my website goes down or a technical problem occurs?

Your website is continuously checked 24/7 for functionality and security, using specialised software to detect problems such as malware at an early stage. We are notified immediately in the event of malfunctions so that we can intervene quickly. Minor problems that can be easily rectified are included in the service fee. For larger problems that go beyond standard maintenance, we will consult you... More...

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