Hire a website gardener to maintain your website


Website maintenance for specialists

If you want your website garden to be green and blooming, good and regular maintenance is everything. Preferably by professionals who have been practising this craft for years and are familiar with the tricks of the trade on the Internet.

One call is all it takes for us to maintain your website or carry out contract work on your website. We work reliably, with a great deal of expertise and our customers appreciate our pragmatic and empathetic approach. 

We do not work "stubbornly" according to specifications, but think along with you and advise you on the tasks you require for content maintenance.

What services does website maintenance include?

Pictures for searching and entering text, changing content, writing a new blog post, linking old blog posts, virtual lawn mowing, updating pages on the blog. Check errorsEdit images, JPEG to modern formats such as WebP or AVIF, Search engine optimisation, cutting hedges, building mega menus, pages low barrier design, blacken and enter PDFs, Newsletter dispatch, Import data from Excel into the website, collect leaves, opening hours on the website and on Google My Business change, Forms set up, update address lists, shorten branches, add menu links, Cookie Consent check, Shipping options change, Youtube or Vimeo accounts manage old content Archive, cutting roses, setting up subdomains, storing DKIM and SPIF entries, analysing Matomo reports, Maintain Google Search Consoleeat your lunch, save appointments and events, Menus update and much more...


How does website maintenance work with MaiNetCare?

Per order

Normal administration or website maintenance jobs are commissioned by you. You will receive a cost estimate based on a calculation of EUR 50 per 30 minutes or part thereof.

The order and implementation are documented via a ticket system. The response time is 2-4 working days. However, emergencies are usually dealt with more quickly - it's like going to the doctor 🤒 (By the way: if you have RundUmsorgt, troubleshooting is included in the monthly RundUmsorgt price - but don't tell anyone!)

Billing takes place after the work has been completed.

Regularly with monthly flat rate

Also very simple: we agree a scope of services for the regular work. These are carried out and documented each quarter. You receive an invoice for the lump sum after the work has been carried out.

Example from practice: 

The request was: Flat-rate content maintenance plus proactive measures for technical search engine optimisation and maintenance of the "Google My Business" service.

Fixed for the size of the customer's website and frequency of expected updates was EUR 380,- per month incl. 5% discount.

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