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Do you also renew old websites?

Nowadays, the renewal of websites is the rule rather than the exception. However, renewal should be carried out with sensitivity and a sense of proportion so as not to "make things worse".

Michael Mai, 13.02.2024

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Of course we renew your "old" website. As a rule, an overhaul can take place every 5-7 years.

However, we proceed with caution when revising an old website. The following usually happens. Within the company itself, there are voices pointing to modern websites and design trends and suddenly your own website no longer seems "sexy enough". The first wish is then to throw everything old overboard and start from scratch. This is not always the best decision. In any case, you should realise that your "old" website is also of value. The following points are important to bear in mind:

1. Preservation of SEO value

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is critical. A website that has been on the internet for years has a certain authority in search engines based on content and links. A complete restart with a new URL or even a new domain will always lead to a drop in visibility.

2. Habits of your regular visitors

Regular users of your website, for example blog operators or shop owners, have become accustomed to your structure and design. A radical change causes confusion and is likely to impair user-friendliness. Here you should act sensitively and not with a sledgehammer.

3. Costs

A complete redesign is often more costly and time-consuming than an iterative improvement. Therefore, it can sometimes make more sense to carry out several iterations rather than rebuilding everything from scratch. In our experience, you save a lot of time if you first carry out a moderate design facelift rather than renewing the design, structure and content all at once. We would work with you to focus on the critical areas, prioritise them and improve them step by step. This can sometimes happen over a period of years in small individual projects.

4. Pay attention to existing content

For example, our website contains an ancient blog post that is still frequently clicked on. It is an article on how to create screenshots. It would be fatal for the visibility of this website if we were to renew everything here. We only know this because we carry out regular analyses with our Matomo tool. (You also receive this analysis for your website, starting with the smallest maintenance package that we offer for your website). So before you want to renew everything, make sure you have enough measurement data. If you have any questions, we will be happy to help you here.


Of course, we will be happy to renew your website if you wish. However, you should be clear in advance about the type of renewal you want to carry out. In many cases, it makes more sense to proceed in small steps, as the saying goes: How do you eat an elephant? Piece by piece.

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