What are the costs associated with developing a website?

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Rough price range of a website project with MaiNetCare

For the development of a WordPress website, where the design is already availableDepending on the scope and complexity of the project, the costs are between €2,000 and €10,000.

Price factors

The factors that influence the price of a website project are:

  • The Scope of the website (how many pages and subpages there are),
  • the required Functionalities and plugins,
  • the Complexity of the design,
  • the necessary Adjustments and special programming,
  • the scope of the SEO-optimisation,
  • the effort involved in adapting to responsive web design (Display on smartphone, tablet, extra large screen),
  • Multilingualism,
  • Integration of Third-party services (e.g. booking systems, shop integrations, online courses)
  • Internal, password-protected areas (e.g. Intranetcourse participants, etc.)
  • Preparation of existing data (e.g. property objects, images, PDF, etc.)
  • Programming of special interfaces to the Export and import from data
  • Special search and Filter options of website data in addition to the full text search
  • Creation of School videos for editorial maintenance

Price range

Simple website5-10 pages, no additional functions2.000,- € - 4.000,- €
Medium-complex website10-20 pages, some additional functions4.000,- € - 7.000,- €
Complex website20+ pages, many additional functionsfrom € 7,000

Guaranteed fixed price

You will always receive a quotation from us in which the services are itemised in detail so that you can see the transparency of our work. At the end there is a Guaranteed fixed priceso that you are not faced with any unexpected additional costs and remain in control.