What does website maintenance cost?


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We distinguish between different categories of website maintenance:

Technical website maintenance (maintenance & administration)

Services that are carried out proactively for your website:

For a standard WordPress website we charge for Backups, updates, speed increase, monitoring and visitor analysis monthly 80,- EUR.

Depending on the requirements for your website, this price may vary. For example, a larger online shop with many additional functions and higher accessibility requires additional and more expensive services for security, hosting and speed, which we also purchase and customise for your website. In this case, you will receive an offer with a total monthly amount after your website has been analysed and a personal discussion has taken place.

Content-based website maintenance on demand

Super simple: you tell us what needs to be done, we realise it. We then bill you for the work involved. In contrast to proactive technical maintenance services, you explicitly commission content maintenance, e.g. "Hey, gardener, create a new blog post for us" or "Please add a diary to our site"

For order-related work we charge 50,- EUR per half hour or part thereof.

Continuous care services with a monthly lump sum

This model is ideal if you use your website as an important marketing tool for your company. In this case, it is essential that you work on your website continuously and regularly.

It is an advantage if the content of the website is continuously maintained, a monthly budget (from EUR 300) can be agreed. This budget includes a defined scope of services, which can also include work on the Content marketing and search engine optimisation may contain.

Of course, you can get to know us first and switch to a different model later. As always, the size, complexity and frequency of new ideas for expanding the content of a website play a role in the effort required to maintain and update it.

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