What happens if I cancel the "RundUmsorgt" maintenance contract?

Table of contents

The most important thing first: We leave you with an up-to-date and tidy website garden.

If your website was managed on one of our managed servers during the term of the contract, we will simply move it back to your old hosting provider and reset the changed DNS entry. Your website will now run with your previous provider again.

If you have not selected this option, everything will remain as before, except that no more services, e.g. checked updates, will be carried out for them.

The backup to our cloud storage is terminated after the contract period. You can receive the last backup status on request.

We will continue to run all plug-ins, e.g. security plug-ins such as two-factor authentication, that are licensed through us. However, updates will no longer be carried out for them. If you wish to update these plug-ins, you will need to purchase the licences yourself. The removal takes place as part of a normal order (see "Hire a website gardener"). Of course, we will also uninstall all modified additional software on request, leaving no traces behind.