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No selfies on your website


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Box clown - you should not present yourself as such.

As an entrepreneur, an artist or an association, you are often tempted to present yourself differently on the internet than you really are. 

Many think they have to follow the latest trends or fads for search engines and for social media representation, not noticing how their external presentation deviates from their very essence.

We call it the "selfie" effect. On Instagram or on Facebook: The web is full of happy faces.

But which people do you really remember? It's not always the shiny women and men, but people to whom you feel connected. 

Only if you are genuine can people who are looking for exactly your qualities, who are looking for exactly your special features, connect with you. 

They also prefer to work with partners who are authentic and clear and do not pretend to be something they are not.

Find the essence in your company. What makes you special, what are you great at, what do others appreciate about you?

Do you find that on your website?

Pretending just to please search engines or the opinion of others is unnecessary. 

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The picture serves as a decorative element

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