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PDF invoice printing with WordPress and WooCommerce


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Not every shop operator knows it: If you run an online shop based on WooCommerce with the German Market add-on, you already have a convenient function for creating invoice documents on board.

This article shows you how to switch on, configure and use invoice printing.

Activate PDF invoice printing and set up how the invoice PDF should look:

  1. Select WooCommerce -> "German Market" -> "Add-Ons" and activate "Invoice PDF" by clicking the switch there from grey to green.
    Screenshot: Invoice printing in WooCommerce - Step 1
  2. If the module is activated, you will find the settings for this function in the WooCommerce menu under "German Market" -> "Invoice PDF". Now it's time to configure.
    WooCommerce - Step 1
  3. Under "General PDF settings" you can first define a number of properties of the invoice PDFs, such as the document title or the file name. The German-Market-Addons has preset these and other fields accordingly based on the general WordPress settings. Do not forget: Before switching to another settings page, always click on "Save settings" once at the bottom.
    By the way:
    You can find out which details are important for an invoice in Germany here...
  4. Under "Invoice content" all settings of the invoice view are to be made.
    WooCommerce - Step 3
    In the "Billing address" section of this page, the destination address field of the document is designed and positioned. The field "Additional and note zone" can also be used, for example, to have the sender's address printed in small print at the top of the envelope window. The settings pages themselves contain many useful notes on the possible settings.
  5. Important is the processing of the Header of the invoice. Make all the entries here that are important to you for the invoice header.
    You can include a logo graphic in the page header that you can find in your media library or upload it there straight away.
    Set the content of the header and logo so that the content is displayed in full. The displayed logo is automatically scaled to the available height in the output PDF.
    Hint: When changing the head height, make sure that the address field still fits in the letter window. You can move the address field accordingly. It's a bit of fiddling, but you only have to get it right once. As a little help for trying it out, there is the button "Download Test Invoice", in which your current settings can be seen as a test PDF.
    Screenshot: Invoice printing in WooCommerce - Step 4
  6. If you wish, you can also attach an invoice PDF to a customer e-mail. You can find this option in the settings under "Invoice PDF" -> "Invoice PDF e-mails". Screenshot: Invoice printing in WooCommerce - Step 6

Printout of the invoices

  1. Log in to WordPress with your username and password.
  2. In the main menu, select "WooCommerce" -> "Orders" on the left. The list of all orders in your shop will open. If you cannot see this menu item, you need further access rights. Then talk to the shop's administrator.
  3. You will find the action for downloading invoices in the list of your orders on the far right as a small button with a small document symbol. If you move the mouse over it, you will see the note "Download invoice PDF". Click on the button to generate and download the PDF.

Screenshot: Invoice printing in WooCommerce - Step 5