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Google Fonts warning letter as screenshot. This is what a letter from a lawyer looks like

Warning letters regarding Google Fonts

Whenever you think it can't get any more perfidious, you are surprised by the ingenuity of some black-hat lawyers. In the last few days, two law firms (one with a Düsseldorf address and one from Berlin) have sent out several warnings for not integrating data protection [...]Read
Light bulb with Wordpress logo as a symbol for hopefully good Wordpress ideas

Secure WordPress maintenance by the website gardeners

In addition to our RundUmsorgt package, we recently started offering proactive technical maintenance for WordPress websites. This means that once a month you receive: Regular checked updates of your WordPress CMS, all associated plug-ins and themes. Monthly visitor statistics with the analysis tool Matomo (data storage [...]Read
An adventurer explores an enchanted forest

SEO Treasure Hunt Part 1: The adventure begins.

Search engine optimisation in website maintenance In the wooded area behind your well-kept garden lies an overgrown area. Rumour has it that dangerous animals live there. For neighbours have heard strange noises and seen huge shadows. They say a daredevil wanderer has found his way between the trees [...].Read
Locked mailbox metaphorical for locked email accounts

Messages to GMail not deliverable? A quick solution.

With error messages with the subject "Mail delivery failed: returning message to sender", the destination server of our mail informs us that it does not succeed in forwarding our message to the desired destination address. Very special error messages sometimes come from Google when sending to gmail addresses. Then it is not possible to send mails to gmail accounts without further ado. A little trick helps here. Read
Mainetcare logo as favicon on an Android screen

Use favicons correctly

Favicons are small graphics that serve to symbolise a website by displaying e.g. the company logo. Originally used for display in the header/tab area of the browser window or in bookmark and favourites lists (hence favicon), these icons now fulfil many other functions. We show you what they are and how to use them.Read
A dry tree in a barren landscape. It symbolises the importance of a climate-friendly co2 footprint.

The Co2 footprint of your website

Now I want my website to contribute to global warming - how? For example, if your website contains lots of moving graphics, then your web browser needs more computing power to render the animations. The more moving images, the more videos, the more power it consumes and this power has to be generated somewhere. Read
A facial recognition viewfinder is pointed at passers-by crossing the street. The image is symbolic of the question: What is tracking?

I know what you did on the internet

Again and again we receive questions like "Why do I get suggestions for my private hobbies and likes on Instagram, even though I'm registered there with my business email?" or "How does Amazon know about my purchase preferences before I even search?". The answer is data tracking. A little pub crawl shows roughly how this happens.Read

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