What does the typical process of an SEO project with you look like?

Table of contents

We start by conducting an interview with you and the people responsible for your online presence. We would like to find out more about you and determine the target groups we should address.

In the second step, a keyword analysis and a content analysis are carried out. We then give you recommendations on how we envisage building content and optimising it for search engines. In other words, we create a strategic plan for generating target group-relevant content for your website. The strategy also includes suggestions on how to improve outreach. After all, many streams of visitors are of little use to you if no new contact enquiries are generated for you in the end.

If you agree with the steps, the next few weeks will be spent on implementation. There is no standardised procedure here, as every service provider, self-employed person, artist and company should pursue different paths in order to reach their target group. This phase is divided into the generation of the content and the technical measures so that the search engines can index the new content ideally.

After some time, we measure the results of the measures implemented and take further steps based on the analyses, after which the cycle begins again.