Search engine optimisation

SEO Treasure Hunt Part 1: The adventure begins.


Picture of a beautifully tidy garden

Search engine optimisation for website maintenance

In the wooded area behind your well-kept garden lies an overgrown area. Rumour has it that dangerous animals live there. For neighbours have heard strange noises and seen huge shadows. They say a daring hiker got lost among the trees and has been considered missing for years. Of course, you dare not enter here!

Imagine that you now receive a mysterious treasure map. You read the tantalising message that precious gold lies right there in the enchanted garden.

Now you have a choice: You could close your eyes tightly - as if you had never heard about it. Or: you can summon up all your courage and venture step by step into the fabled uncharted territory...

the treasure hunt begins...

Finding the right keyword

The treasure hunt starts with so-called keywords. These are terms that users enter in search engines to find suitable websites. If you want a certain target group to find your website, you need to know the words they enter into Google & Co. How do you determine these?

To get an initial overview, you can try googling for words that seem to make sense in connection with your website. These can be individual words, but also combinations of terms that often occur together. Does your website appear on page 1? According to studies, internet users usually only read the first page of the hit list and do not continue reading on page 2. Therefore, SEO optimisation is worth its weight in gold when it comes to website maintenance.

Useful helpers accompany you

For more in-depth research, you can use great tools, so-called SEO tools, which function like research databases. If you enter possible search terms here, you will receive information on how often they are searched for, for example. This helps you to assess whether they are really relevant. You can also display related terms and get even more ideas for suitable keywords.

Tip: Take a look at what the competition is doing. Who is in the top positions of the Google hit list in your niche? Enter the web addresses of these top-ranked companies into the corresponding SEO tool and you will see which keywords the competition is using. You can then get inspiration here or set yourself apart in a targeted manner.

These are some examples of SEO tools (functions and costs are partly different): (free of charge until daily limit is reached) (free of charge) (chargeable) (chargeable) (chargeable)

To be continued... in part 2 you will learn where to specifically include the keywords on your website