Website creation with a satisfaction guarantee

Is it time for a new website?

The good news: With today's technologies, it is possible to create a customised website even for small budgets.

The bad news: There is an incredible range of solutions and tools for websites. They all look smart on the outside. The adverts promise "Build your own website in five minutes"

Getting lonely online quickly with the wrong website

If you want your website investment to work for you, it's not enough for it to have a cool design. Ask yourself the following questions: Do the pages load fast enough? Can I expand my site at will? Can the editors easily change all the content? Can I change the code if Google reports errors or make optimisations if my competitors rank better?

The website gardeners are there for you!

The website gardeners are there for you!

Our in-depth experience over two decades of website creation makes us a solid partner for your next web project. We don't just design the website for your visitors, we always plan your website as an investment that will pay off in the future.

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The MaiNetCare competences


Element 5w_500We accompany you with all steps for planning your website. From conceptualisation to choosing the right technology.


Element 1We deliver a clearly structured and cleanly programmed website, barrier-free and search engine optimised. You will notice the difference between craftsmanship and botched work by how well you can work with your website on a daily basis.

Easy care at 30°

Element 6w_500We want your website to grow well. You therefore receive customised video material on operation and self-care and always have a gardener on call if you have any questions. We also ensure that your website is easy to expand and maintain from the outset.

With satisfaction guarantee

Element 5w_500We are proud of our work and every new website is also partly "our baby". That's why you get a website that you will be 100% satisfied with. If not, you'll get your money back - no ifs, ands or buts!

Frequently asked questions about having a website created

How long does it take to create a website?

The time it takes to create a website can range from one week to several months. As with the price of a website, it depends on what stage the planning of your website project is at and how much material is already available. More...

What are the costs associated with creating a website?

The question of the price of a website is as old as the Internet. The answer also depends on how well prepared you are. Let's do the maths... More...

What are the steps for creating a website?

The steps involved in creating a website can be roughly divided into the milestones of planning, design, development and launch. Development is in turn divided into prototype, function and content creation. Experience has shown that there are always leaps, so new design elements are also created in the development phase and the first workflows for development prototypes are already tested in the design phase.... More...

Do you also renew old websites?

Nowadays, the renewal of websites is the rule rather than the exception. However, renewal should be carried out with sensitivity and a sense of proportion so as not to "make things worse". More...

How does the planning phase for a website work?

You should not start a website project without a proper planning phase, even if it is a mini-project. The planning phase for creating a website is roughly divided into conceptualisation, target group analysis, strategic planning, visual identity and technical planning. More...