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The technical docs and snippets are guides, templates and tools for web programmers. If you find something useful for your project, you are welcome to copy and use it...

Convert Px to SEM / EM very quickly with Alfred

There is a wonderful Alfred workflow on the Mac that converts Px to Rem: Download direct link: Simply install, then type CMD-Space: Alfred Bar "pxrem" and enter the number in pixels. The conversion to REM is copied directly to the clipboard. [...]Read

Setting up XDebug with PHPStorm and Valet Development Environment

Preparation: Homebrew should be installed Valet should be installed and running: Browser Extension for PHPSTORM should be installed: gerry@webgarten ~ % brew install pecl gerry@webgarten ~ % pecl install xdebug If error message: Warning: mkdir(): File exists in System.php [...]Read

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