How do you ensure that SEO results are sustainable?


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    1. The most important thing: focus on high-quality content

      • We create relevant content that directly addresses the needs and questions of your target group.
      • We carry out regular updates for you via our content marketing service, letting the search engines know that your website is still relevant.
    2. User experience

      • With the help of our technical optimisation, we ensure that your website loads quickly and thus provides a better user experience. This is rewarded by search engines.
      • A mobile-friendly website is essential, as the majority of search queries are made via mobile devices.
      • We ensure a clear structure on your website. A clear structure helps users and search engines to find content effectively.
    3. Technical SEO

      • SSL certificatesSecure websites are favoured by search engines.
      • Schema markupHelps search engines to better understand the context of your content.
      • URL structureClear and descriptive URLs promote both user experience and SEO.
    4. We stay on the ball

      • We regularly carry out trend analyses and adapt your content to current trends and search queries.
      • We research long-tail keywordsWe find the niches for you and concentrate on search queries that have less competition but a lot of benefit for you.
    5. Local search engine optimisation

      • We maintain Your profile on Google My Business for local search queries.
      • Local keywords: We integrate local search terms.
    6. Measurement and customisation

      • Analysis toolsWe use tools such as Matomo (GDPR compliant) and Google Search Console to monitor and analyse your SEO performance.
      • AnalysesBased on this data, we continuously adapt the strategy.
    7. Attention to voice search and new technologies

      • Optimisation for voice searchIntegrate natural language phrases and questions into your content.
      • Artificial intelligenceUse AI tools for deeper insights and optimisations.
    8. Summary

      Sustainable success in SEO is an ongoing process. By continuously adapting to new technologies, algorithm changes and user behaviour, you can direct relevant streams of visitors to your website in the long term. It is important to always stay on the ball and regularly review and adapt your strategies.

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