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No one calls me up... 😢

Is your website disappointing with enquiries, invisible in the search results or, despite high advertising costs, always behind the competition, which seems to be effortlessly enthroned on the first page?

It's time for more visibility through targeted content marketing & search engine optimisation
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No one calls me up... 😢

Visibility develops through the right strategy

Increasing online visibility in 2024 means: Regularly provide content that appeals to your target group and is optimised for search engines.

AI-controlled search engines are getting better and better at recognising whether your website offers real added value for your target group. You should focus on this.

We see this as an opportunity for many smaller websites to become more visible online. But this requires the right strategy. We'll show you how.

Visibility develops through the right strategy

More visibility with the website gardeners

Content marketing & SEO go hand in hand and are a regular and creative craft and therefore perfect for us website gardeners: you have the stories. We help you with the narrative, the processing, the strategy and the optimisation. The aim is to make your online presence appear permanently at the top of Google & Co.

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More visibility with the website gardeners

MaiNetCare search engine optimisation means

Content for people

Starting an online shop made easy with MainetcareValuable content that inspires your readers is our top priority. We hate texts that look like they were created just for Google. We optimise your pages without annoying "keyword stuffing".

Technical SEO

From structured data to image and mobile optimisation to page speed optimisation, we know all about the technical requirements so that the search engines will love your website.

Strategic planning

We help you build a strategy to continuously deliver and grow content and drive more enquiries.

Frequently asked questions about search engine optimisation

What costs should I expect for search engine optimisation?

Continuous investment in search engine optimisation and content marketing is crucial for increasing visibility and visitor numbers in the long term. For small budgets, we offer continuous SEO from 1 hour per month, but we recommend 3-5 hours per month. We charge 100,- EUR per hour. More...

Do you have references for SEO?

Yes, you will find selected testimonials on our website and we will also be happy to provide you with contact information so that you can talk to customers directly about details. More...

What does the typical process of an SEO project with you look like?

You can imagine an SEO project as a cycle consisting of the four sub-steps of keyword analysis and strategy planning, content creation, search engine optimisation measures and analysis. More...

How do you ensure that SEO results are sustainable?

In order to have more visibility on the Internet in the long term, the most important thing is to deliver content that is easy to consume and interesting for your target group. There is no way around this. Furthermore, you should not let the process drag on for too long. There is no point in doing SEO once and then resting on your laurels. The motto for SEO is... More...

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