Why do I need to update my website regularly?


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If you as a website operator have recognised the value of your website, we recommend that you carry out regular maintenance and care work in order to maintain and increase your investment.


As with your computer, the website software and the operating system on which the website runs must also be updated. If you neglect this work, it is much easier for hackers to access your system and install malware. This can lead, for example, to your website suddenly containing links to propaganda pages or illegal sites.

So ask yourself: Is the software up to date so that it can withstand hacker attacks and malware and protect your visitors from malicious links?


Even if everyone talks about the cloud: Your website ultimately runs on a computer that uses an operating system and a programming language with which your website was written. Both the operating system and the programming language (usually PHP) are constantly being developed and new versions are installed by the server operators (the hosters). Your website must be able to cope with these new commands, otherwise errors will occur which, in the worst case scenario, will result in your website no longer being accessible at all. Updating your website's software is the responsibility of the website operator rather than you.

When was the last time you updated your website software?


Legal provisions change more quickly on the Internet than in other media. Updating your privacy policy protects you from potential warnings and legal problems. When was the last time you checked your privacy policy for consistency?


A well-maintained website reflects your professionalism, increases your visibility, gives meaningful information to your visitors and thus strengthens trust in your brand. If you only look at your website in text mode: If you were your target audience, would you want to stay on your site and read through their info?