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Website maintenanceHelp, my Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Edge is showing me old or broken content....

After changes have been made in the context of website maintenance, we often receive feedback from customers such as "Everything still looks the same" or "But now the website is completely broken! What is going on and what can be done?

Michael Mai, 03.08.2020

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Bewilderment in front of the screen: Browser does not display what you want

To force your browser to load the current content, just press a key combination:


  • Hold the <STRG>-button and then click on the "Reload" icon
  • Hold the <STRG>-key and press the F5


  • Hold the + keys and press the "R" (Reload) button


If your browser is particularly stubborn, simply use the incognito mode and enter the URL there.


The changes are put online, we notify our customers about them and we get the feedback. We then get the feedback more often:

"Everything still looks the same for me" or

"But now the website is completely broken!"

... In most cases, it's not that bad. For most visitors, the website looks fine, but not in your particular case if you have only recently loaded the website and your browser has been open since then.

The "browser cache" is responsible for this. Firefox, Chrome, Edge and Safari temporarily store content on the computer to save loading time.

It can then happen that although the HTML changes are reloaded from the server, an old script library responsible for the design or function is still cached on your computer, leading to unpredictable behaviour.

This laziness of not constantly making requests are there to increase the loading speed but sometimes you just want to see the latest change and all the images, all the libraries and all the rest should be freshly downloaded from the server.

Redirections are particularly stubborn. If a URL has been redirected and then this redirection has been undone, a browser can be very stubborn and display the old redirection no matter how often you refresh.

If you don't want to wait for the problem to go away on its own after some time (because it does), you can manually clear the browser cache. Here are the common solutions:

Mozilla Firefox on the laptop or desktop PC:

Google Chrome on the laptop or desktop PC:

  • Settings (Three dots at the top right) -> Data protection and security -> Delete pictures and files in the cache
  • Alternative: Den Incognito mode use.

Safari on the laptop or desktop:

Here, the first thing to do is to Developer menu to be made displayablebut after that it goes very quickly:

  • "Safari" -> "Preferences" -> "Advanced" -> Tick "Show developer menu".
  • The developer menu now appears in the menu bar between "Bookmarks" and "Window"
  • Menu "Developer" -> "Clear cache memory"

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