What does a website maintenance package include?

Table of contents

Alerting and rectifying technical problems

Your website is monitored 24/7 for operational readiness and malware or virus infestation. If faults occur, we are notified automatically. Malfunctions requiring only minor corrective action are rectified by us independently and are included in the annual flat rate. If more extensive measures need to be carried out, these will be discussed with you in advance.

Regular and verified updates:

Your website's software is updated approximately once a month or immediately in the event of serious security vulnerabilities. After each update, the operational readiness of the website is
checked at random. If an update fails, the previous status is restored and a further procedure is discussed. The update of PHP versions is also included. PHP is the programming language of your website and runs on the server's operating system. Regular updates prevent PHP from becoming obsolete, which means that your website can no longer be updated and therefore represents a security risk.

Safety & performance package

This package is a special bundle of technical measures with the two objectives of achieving a short website loading time and hardening the website against external attacks. For this purpose, your website is mirrored on one of our managed servers. The technical details depend on the CMS you use. The following measures are carried out for WordPress


Your website is backed up once a day. The backup system automatically saves the last 10 backups. Certain statuses can be archived for you on request.


The analysis tool "Matomo" (matomo.org), a GDPR-compliant alternative to Google Analytics, is installed and configured on your website. This makes it possible to measure precise analyses of visitor behaviour on your website. Once a month, you will receive a report with the relevant figures as a PDF by email.