What happens if my website goes down or a technical problem occurs?

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Your website is subject to continuous monitoring around the clock, seven days a week. Not only is the general operational readiness of your online presence monitored, but also the occurrence of harmful influences such as malware or viruses. This monitoring is carried out using specialised software designed to detect potential threats and irregularities at an early stage.

If any faults or anomalies are detected during this continuous monitoring, we receive automatic notifications immediately. This enables us to react quickly and ensure the integrity of your website.

Many of the more common minor faults can be rectified by our team without extensive intervention. These corrections usually involve little effort and are therefore covered by our annual service fee. They typically involve faults that can be rectified with just a few clicks.

For more complex problems that go beyond the scope of standard maintenance and may require more extensive interventions in your website structure or functionality, we will always contact you in advance. Before we take such action, we will discuss the situation, the proposed solutions and the potential costs involved. This process is designed to ensure transparency and that you are fully informed about the necessary steps and their implications so that you can make an informed decision.